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Haydn Creation Tenor Sing The Lord Ye Voices All

17 стр Иегова

Link to all SATB parts for "Sing the Lord,Ye Voices All"

Choir Practice: "Sing the Lord, ye voices all" or "Singt dem Herren alle Stimmen" is the finale chorus of Haydn's "The Creation". It begins in a slow, dramatic tempo, and quickly builds with a rousing double fugue as the angelic chorus sings the praises of God. Haydn's "The Creation" ("Die Schöpfung") was the first large-scale work in musical history to be published with bilingual text (English and German).

"Sing the Lord, ye voices all,
Magnify His name thro' all creation,
Celebrate His power and glory,
Let His name resound on high.
Praise the Lord.
Utter thanks.
Jehovah's praise for ever shall endure.

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